Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Journey to the Core: an anatomical discussion for anyone who's interested

Its spring at The Pilates Studio and for us that means its time to start thinking about the March MAT CHAT.  Next week on Tuesday March 27th, The Pilates Studio’s very own Katrina Hawley will give a talk about the Anatomy of the Core.   This latest in a series of Mat Chats at The Pilates Studio will answer the question, “What exactly is the core of the body?”  Inspired by the way in which “core strength” has gone viral in media outlets, Katrina will take a step back and explore the several muscular connections that make up the core, and then postulate that core strength might just mean a different thing for everybody.

Katrina has spent her entire life studying movement and anatomy.  Starting as a small child in dance classes, moving on to obtain a B.F.A in dance, then becoming a certified Movement Analyst, as well as a Pilates Instructor.  Katrina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this emerging field.  Add to this Katrina’s wit, humor and talent for presenting complex concepts in easily digestible ways, this mat chat promises to be accessible and enjoyable for all.    

The Anatomy of the Core
7pm, March 27th, 2012
Join us and find out what these crazy pictures mean!

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