Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Osteoporosis friendly Pilates Workouts

In the last part of our osteoporosis series, I wanted to share some free resources that The Pilates Studio has for you! With so much information about Osteoporosis out there, you may have heard that Pilates is a great bone building workout, and you may also have heard that spine flexion (Bending forward) is contraindicated for osteoporosis of the spine.  AND If you've seen any of the classic Pilates Repertoire, you may also be wondering how it is possible that I could believe that Pilates is a good bone building option…It’s a conundrum.  Well, I'm here to tell you that the fabulous thing about Pilates is its malleability.  With the proper program design, Pilates can be the best way to stay fit, strong, and to prevent falls and fractures due to osteoporosis.  The following videos are some of the osteoporosis friendly workouts from The Pilates Studio’s Youtube Channel: 

This first video is a standing balance series that was taught to me by Sherri Betz.  Sherri is a physical therapist and Polestar Pilates Educator that has spent the last 20 years researching Pilates and Osteoporosis.  This series will improve your balance and keep your knees strong and stable.

The next video was posted in our blogpost about toning the arms, especially the triceps.  Luckily it's an integrated full body workout that will also build bone in the thoracic spine, and improve posture!

The posture work necessary in this next video is great for bone building in the spine.  It also allows us to practice a sitting posture that is beneficial to a long and strong spine.  Not to mention the fact that it builds functional strength in the arms and creates shoulder stability.

A strong and agile foot is essential for the prevention of falls that can lead to fracture.  Try this video, and enjoy the side effect of loose and supple feet!

The following video shows how core strength can be built without spine flexion, and it also provides many weight bearing opportunities for the wrists

Now there are more osteoporosis friendly workouts on The Pilates Studio's youtube channel.  We even made a playlist for you! Click here to see it!  If you did every video in the playlist, you would spend the next half an hour strengthening your bones!  Check them out, and learn as quickly as I did, that the side effect of a bone building workout is a well balanced and very strong individual!

Katrina Hawley, C.M.A, PMA-CPT
Co-director of The Pilates Studio

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